New! Three lines of wigs to meet your unique needs

 We pride ourselves on our mission to never be "one size fits all" which is why we offer three wig lines: Platinum Elite Luxury, White Gold Select and our newest addition, our La Jaz line. We provide you with a variety of options to create the wig that is right you. 


Platinum Elite Luxury Custom Line

our signature Line of wigs

We offer three categories of wigs in our Platinum Elite Luxury Custom Wig Line:

  • Custom Wig: This is our top of the line wig with all the bells and whistles. Only the absolute best hair goes into our custom wigs. Your custom wig fully hand tied wig will be made to your exact specifications with individually hand selected unprocessed Slavic European hair This will be a unique work of art that is made especially for you. Your new wig will be made with the most spectacular and gorgeous unprocessed virgin Slavic European Hair. Only the best of the best hair in the world goes into this line of wigs.

  • Semi-custom: This category of wigs are also made with our premium quality Slavic European unprocessed hair that we individually hand select. These wigs are made to be in our inventory rather than specifically for you. We offer a limited selection of these wigs since most buyers prefer a fully custom experience.

  • Jaselle's Jewel's: This category of wig are stock wigs that are made with our signature premium Slavic European unprocessed hair. Our skilled wig makers select the hair and the cap design.

PRICING: Please keep in mind that the prices listed are general starting points and will vary depending on your individual selections. Short hair wigs start at $2,575, short hair toppers at $2075. Medium length wigs start at $3375, medium length toppers start at $2,675. Long length wigs start at $4175, long length toppers start at $3,275. Jaselle's Jewels Stock Wigs start at $2100, medium lengths start at $2600, long wigs start at $2900.


White Gold Select Wigs: 

This is our most budget friendly line of wigs. Looking for a great deal? Love bargains? This line of wigs might be right for you. We have two types of wigs in this line:

Discount Darlings: Wigs in this line have minor flaws/defects. Wigs can be from any of our lines of wigs.

Clearance Cuties: Wigs in this line have more significant flaws/defects. They can be from any of our lines of wigs. 

Stock Wigs Wigs in this line come in a variety of options. They are generally compromised of Eastern European Select hair and Non-Slavic hair. We keep a limited inventory of stock wigs but if you are looking for a budget friendly stock wig we might have something for you. Send us an email and we’ll let you know what we currently have available.

PRICING: Prices will vary greatly in our Discount Darlings and Clearance Cuties Wigs. Please check our SHOP for actual prices on these wigs. Please keep in mind that the prices listed are general starting points and will vary depending on your individual selections. 


We are extremely excited to announce LA JAZ, our new line of budget friendly Slavic European hair wigs.    These custom order wigs are compromised of high quality Slavic European hair, available in both unprocessed and gently individually processed hair. Our La Jaz wigs have a fully hand tied French Silk Top and a machine wefted back.  They are superior quality, gorgeous wigs that have amazing longevity. This line of wigs starts at $1675 for 14" in your choice of custom colors.  Why buy a cheap wig produced in China with questionable quality when you can get a genuine Slavic European Wig for such a great price?  This line of wigs is not eligible for any discounts or promotional pricing.