Our Team

Meet our amazing team! Need help? Send us an email and we'll be happy to help. (send us yummy treats to get the fastest response! ) 



Jean claude

Security CDEO (Chief Dog Executive Officer)

Jean Claude is the senior member of our team. He's our top security expert and has been with us for 14 years . He keeps things safe by continually patrolling the perimeter of our website to make sure everything is on the up and up. No shenanigans happen while he's on duty. 

Favorite things:

Treats, sleeping, and patrolling


Live a Maltese free life

Become Security CDEO of Whole Foods (for all the yummy food perks of course!)

Live a dream life where there is an unlimited supply of treats, uninterrupted napping, and endless pampering. Hey wait a minute...that's already my life!! 



Social Media CDEO (Chief Dog Executive Officer)

Jux aka Juxie is the social butterfly of our team. He loves to show off and socialize, so he was a natural fit for our Social Media CDEO position.  He is silly, sweet, and just plain adorable.   

Favorite things:

Showing off all the neat tricks he knows, giving a trillion Maltese kisses, and playing


Become a Certified Therapy Dog

Become the next social media superstar

Become the undisputed King of Maltese kisses



Design CDEO (Chief Dog Executive Officer)

Jella is the creative genius of our team with an artistic flair and unique style.  She's independent, bold, and fearless. She's also sweet, silly, and really funny.  She charms everyone she meets with her personality and super duper cuteness.  

Favorite things:

Treats, playing, and her little red foam ball


Become the Supreme Queen of Everything

Train humans rather than be trained

Become the most loved, pampered Maltese in the world with an endless supply of yummy treats