Frequently Asked Questions 

Got a burning question? Looking for more info about one of our products, policies, or a how to place a custom order? Check out our list of frequently asked questions below for some quick answers. If your question isn’t answered here, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.  

Do you offer a warranty? 

Yes! We offer a 90 day warranty on all of our custom made wigs only. Please see this document for full details of our warranty. We do not offer a warranty on hair extensions. 

Can you guarantee an exact color or curl pattern match in Virgin Unprocessed Slavic European Hair?

 A ponytail bundle of hair is as unique as the individual donor. Our natural virgin hair does not correspond to any standard color ring like color processed hair does. Our gently processed hair begins as virgin hair and after it is colored there will be variations in the color. It is impossible to guarantee an exact precise color match.  We do our best to get you the closest match possible but we cannot and do not offer exact color or curl pattern matches.  It is important to keep in mind that lighting, computer/ phone/ tablet settings, and the way the photos of the hair were taken can impact the way the color appears in photos, as do individual perceptions of color.  We do not offer returns, refunds, or exchanges for color/curl pattern reasons. 

Can I send you a sample of my hair to color match? 

Yes!  If you send us a sample of your hair, we can color process the raw unprocessed Slavic European hair to match your hair color (as close as is reasonably possible which may not be an exact or precise match) which will then be made into your desired hair product. We may get lucky (fingers crossed!) to find a match to your hair sample in our unprocessed hair but this is unlikely.  The hair will start out as our unprocessed Slavic European hair that will be chemically processed by our expert colorists to match your desired color.  Please keep in mind this will extend the timeline for production.  We recommend planning well in advance if you need your color match finished product by a specific date.  We also strongly suggest you send the sample expedited shipping to us so we can send it quickly to our wig maker in Europe.  Please note that even with color matching there might be slight variations in color due to the unique qualities of all human hair. We will do our very best to get you the best and closest match to your hair color but exact/precise matches are generally not possible nor are they guaranteed. 

Can you guarantee how long my new wig or hair extensions will last?

No, we cannot guarantee how long your new wig or hair extensions will last.  Your mileage will vary depending on how you care for, maintain, and use the hair on a daily basis. Please see our Blog post for more details and how to get the best and longest result. 

Can your wigs be colored? 

Most of our wigs can be colored but it will depend on the exact specifics of your particular wig or hair extensions. We recommend that you don't attempt to color the hair yourself but rather have it colored by an experienced licensed hairstylist colorist who is skilled in coloring wigs. Any type of chemical processes done to the wig/hair extensions can irreparably damage both the hair and the base materials. While the color can be lifted/highlighted, we don't recommend this as the process can be very damaging.  We suggest only coloring the hair darker rather than lighter and waiting to do so later in the life of your wig/hair extensions.  All human hair, colored or not,  fades over time. Sunlight is one of the primary causes of hair color fading.  Many wig wearers will elect to color their wig/hair extensions once they notice the color has faded.  Regardless of when/if you decide to color your wig/hair extensions, please do so with an abundance of caution and with the assistance of an experience colorist. 


Can you color my wig or hair extensions? 

While we believe that the very best option is to make your wig/hair extensions with totally unprocessed virgin hair, we realize that this might not be the best option for you. You might want a very specific color that is either difficult to source due to how rare it is or is a color that isn't found in nature.  Both our Elite Slavic Luxury hair and our Eastern European Select hair can be colored. The raw hair will be colored and then made into your desired finished supplemental hair product. 

What type of caps do you offer?  What types of extensions do you offer?

What sets us apart from other wig makers is that we focus on individually custom designed wigs and hair extensions. We completely customize each wig/extensions, including the cap design/type  based on your unique wants and needs. We offer a variety of standard and signature cap styles. We can either custom design a wig cap from scratch (less common) or we can (most common) customize one of our standard or signature cap styles.  Our hair extension offerings include i-tip, tape, wefted, halo, and clips. 

What is The Jorree wig?  

The Jorree is our signature medical grade that is supremely comfortable.  The Jorree grips best to scalp for the most secure hold. It also works with hair but it may require additional attachment support if a firm  grip hold is desired. It is completely hand tied, creating a light, airy, natural looking head of hair (not a wig!) This head of hair will look like your own -- no one will ever guess you are wearing a wig.   It has a super flat thin front that is delicate, fine, and thin. This thin and flat front makes hairline integration a breeze and no bangs are required. It can also be used to cover the entire hairline if desired. The Jorree looks best with a low/light density level.  Since we adore this wig so much it made sense to us to name it The Jorree.  Jorree was a feisty, tiny, 3 lb Maltese that stole our hearts forever.  He lived for 17 short years until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December 2014.  What better way to honor the memory of our beloved (and so missed!) Jorree, than to create a gorgeous head of hair for you? :-)   

What type of attachment methods are used to secure your wigs? 

Our wigs can be attached with clips, combs, or with a wig grip band for daily attachments only. Water based adhesives like Tensive Gel, It Stays, and Got To Be Glued can be used for secure daily attachments. The Jorree wig does not require any type of attachment method to scalp but may require support for naturally growing hair depending on the thickness of the hair and firmness of hold desired. We do not recommend any type of semi-permanent attachment of our wigs in any form: tape, glue, micro-rings or sewing. Our wigs are meant to removed daily. Looking for a semi-permanent attachment?  Contact us for more details! 

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Do you offer lace fronts? 

Yes. We offer lace fronts in a variety of styles. including our new innovative signature lace front.  Our super fine and flat lace fronts mean no bangs are required! Our lace fronts are also suitable for those with no natural hairline or who prefer to cover it up. 

Do you offer all hand tied wigs? Are hand tied wigs lighter than wefted wigs? Are they more likely to shed? Are they as durable as wefted wigs? 

Yes we offer all hand tied wigs for an additional fee. We believe that the most comfortable and lightest wigs are our all hand tied wigs. They are more delicate so as a result are not as durable as our wefted wigs. In our experience, our all hand tied wigs aren't more likely to shed provided they are cared for and maintained properly.  The hand tied knots can and will slip/open if the wig is not cared for properly. This is generally due to the use of styling products that get on the knots, causing them to open/slip, making the hair shed from the wig.  This is particularly true when shine/polish products and conditioner get on the knots.  We strongly recommend working with an experienced stylist in your area to get the best result from your hand tied wig. Your new head of hair needs consistently proper care and maintenance.  Give it the TLC it needs! 

Do you offer toppers or 3/4 wigs or hair extensions? Yes!  We  offer custom made toppers, 3/4 wigs, falls and hair extensions. Please note when we use the term "wigs" we are referring to all of the supplemental hair options we offer, not just wigs. We use wigs interchangeably to mean wigs, toppers, 3/4 wigs and falls.  

How much do your wigs cost?

Our wig prices vary depending on the specific details of each individual wig or hair extensions.  All of our artisan hand crafted wigs are individually made so prices will vary based on your individual selections. You can find general pricing here:  

Please contact us at  for a specific price quote on your desired wig or hair extensions.

What is your return policy?

The vast majority of our wigs are custom made.  As a result we do not offer any returns, exchanges, or refunds on any of our products.  All custom orders are final sales. We offer a 90 day warranty for manufacturing defects on all of our custom wigs. See our full warranty details here.  We offer limited exchanges on select wigs, in the form of store credit only.  Please see our refund policy here.  

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Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. When you checkout on our website or pay an invoice we send you,  your encrypted information is securely transmitted directly to our credit card processor so we never see or store your credit card information. We also accept cash payments. Cash payments are 5% off the total purchase price and can be made via Western Union or Money Gram. 

What about international buyers?

We ship our products worldwide and welcome international buyers. Buyers paying with the Euro or Pound get an immediate discount due to the rate of exchange with the US Dollar. How great is that?! All international sales are final with no refunds, returns, or exchanges offered on any products.  International buyers are responsible for all shipping costs as well as any import or custom fees. While we completely understand the desire for discretion regarding what is on the customs form we are required by law to accurately state the contents and value of your package. We wish it were possible to maintain complete privacy regarding the contents of your package but due to customs requirements we are unable to do so. We suggest our international buyers check with their local customs office regarding the details on fees, taxes, and import duties. 

How long does a custom order take?

Custom orders generally take about two to three months from order to delivery but timelines can and do vary. Delays can and do occur which can extend the timeline significantly.  We strongly recommend planning well in advance when placing a custom order. We do not offer any guarantees on when your wig or hair extensions will be delivered. Once a custom order is placed and payment is received your order begins immediately and cannot be cancelled or changed. We do not offer any refunds or discounts if the production of your wig/hair extensions take longer than expected.  Please be patient, your gorgeous new wig/hair extensions are well worth the wait! 

How do I measure my head for a custom wig?  

Please see this guide for the measurements needed for your custom wig.  Please make sure to measure properly and accurately to insure the best custom fit.  It is important that if measuring over hair that you pin the hair down as flat as possible to avoid inaccuracies in your measurements. You can also send us a template or a custom made mold of your head.   There is an additional fee for this service and it will increase the timeline needed to produce your custom wig. 

How do I choose the right hair texture for me?  

We recommend choosing the texture that reflects the way you plan to wear your hair the most to minimize the need for heat styling tools and styling products. Due to the unique characteristics of Slavic European hair it is not particularly versatile. We suggest having more than one wig if you enjoy wearing a variety of hairstyles. 

How long do your wigs or hair extensions last?

How long our wigs/hair extensions last will vary  depending on how the wig is used and cared for on a daily basis.  Given the proper care and regular maintenance by an expert, licensed supplemental hair stylist, they can last years, but individual longevity will vary. See our blog post here for more details on how long our wigs last.

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Do you offer referral rewards?

Yes!! Love our wigs and our customer service? Refer a friend and get store credit toward a future purchase! If you refer a friend that results in a purchase you get 10% store credit towards a future purchase. Simply have your friend give us your name when they purchase and you get a 10% credit of the purchase price of their wig, not including shipping, taxes, or other fees. For example, if your friend purchases a wig for $1,000 and mentions you as the referral source you get $100 store credit. There is no limit to the number referral rewards.  They have no cash value and will not be reimbursed as cash, but as store credit only.

What is a Discount Darling and a Clearance Cutie?

Discount Darlings are wigs that typically have minor flaws/defects while Clearance Cuties are wigs that typically have more significant defects/flaws.  All issues with these wigs will be clearly stated prior to purchase.  Discount Darlings and Clearance Cuties are not covered under our warranty. 

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What is a Jaselle's Jewel?

A Jaselle's Jewel is our ready to wear line of wigs that are mostly all pre-cut/styled. These wigs were named in honor of our little sweetie pie Yorkie, Jaselle, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December 2015. The exact specifics of each wig  will vary depending on the individual wig.  

Do you offer sales, or promotions? 

Yes! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Subscribe to our email list to be kept up to date on our sales and promotions. Become a member of our private closed Facebook Group, Wig Friends, for extra discounts and special offers!

Do you offer wholesale prices? 

No we do not offer wholesale prices. We do offer discounts on multiple wig purchases (in the same order) for individual buyers. Our warranty and all of our terms/policies apply only to individual buyers who purchase our wigs.  

Do you offer collaboration with other wig~hair extension sellers who want to sell your products?  

Yes!  If you'd like more information, please contact us for more details. 

What type of shipping do you offer?

We ship with your choice of carrier: USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL. The price for shipping will be calculated by the carrier you select. Shipping must include tracking, signature confirmation, and insurance. 


Do your wigs come cut and styled? 

Most of our wigs come uncut and not styled. To put the finishing touch on your custom wig, we recommend having it cut by a stylist in your area who can personalize it to your individual style. 

What's the best way to reach you? Can I visit you in person? Can I call you?

The best and quickest way to reach us is via our email: We are an online wig business so we do not have a local store where you can visit us in person. We can make an appointment for a phone consultation if you'd like to speak with us.  We can make our in stock products available for viewing at our stylists salon.  There is a $75 fee for this service which will be applied to your purchase within 30 days of your meeting with the stylist. If you purchase from us after 30 days the $75 fee will not be applied to your total purchase price.

Do you have a stylist that can help me?

Yes! We work with a local licensed cosmetologist who is an expert in the hair replacement  industry. She has many years of specialized experience with hair loss and supplemental hair products. She can assist you with both your own naturally growing hair as well as with your wig. All stylist fees are separate and payable directly to the stylist. Please let us know if you'd like a referral to the stylist. There is a $75 consultation fee to meet with the stylist.  If you make a purchase of a wig or hair extensions from us within 30 of your stylist consultation, the $75 will be applied your total purchase price. After 30 days the fee will not be applied to your purchase.