Wavy hair

Ode to curly hair

Dear Curly hair, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways......

We love curly hair!  Curly, wavy, thick, fine, tight curls, loose curls--we love you all!  Curly hair is glorious!  Next time you are out and about pay attention to all the variety of natural curls that you see. No two are alike, right?  If you have curly haired friends, ask them how they care for their lovely curls.  They likely have a routine they follow to keep their curls looking their best and some might even have a stylist they work with that is a specialist in curly hair.  Our stylist has naturally curly hair and she has been an amazing guide for us, teaching us all the ins and outs of curly hair.

If we love curly hair so much, why don't we offer more curly hair wigs/toppers/3/4 wigs?  Well we have a bit of a love hate relationship with curly hair when it comes to using it in supplemental hair products.

Why love hate when it comes to wigs? What makes curly hair so uniquely beautiful when it is growing out of someones head is exactly what makes it complicated when harvesting curly hair for supplemental hair products. It takes several ponytail bundles of hair to produce a finished supplemental hair product. Each ponytail bundle of curly/wavy hair has to be VERY similar to get the best result.  Different patterns/textures/tightness of curls/waves can catch on each other creating lots of fluff, volume and sometimes the most dreaded result of all--frizz.  

Does this mean that you shouldn't select a wavy/curly hair wig or other supplemental hair product?  Not at all. Just keep the following in mind:

1.  Curly/wavy hair takes special care and there is a learning curve to successfully managing it. 

2. There is no exact match of curl/wavy/texture in unprocessed hair.  We can get you in the general vicinity of your desired hair but due to how unique curly/wavy hair is we can't get an exact match.

3.  It can take time to source your curly/wavy hair depending on what specifically you are looking for. 

4.  Curly/wavy hair generally looks best in low/very low density.  Heavier densities can be very full and voluminous.

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What's the real deal 411 on Virgin Hair?

We often get asked what Virgin hair is.  Here are the three criteria that all hair of any type must have to be genuine Virgin Hair:

1.  The hair prior to harvest has never been chemically processed in any way whatsoever.

2.  After harvest the hair is cleaned and sanitized.

3.  After the hair is cleaned and sanitized it is made into a supplemental hair product and no chemical processes are done to the hair whatsoever.

That's it.  Simple right?  It seems that way but it can be difficult to know if you are actually getting genuine Virgin hair.  Here are more details:

1. Virgin hair is a term that is often used synonymously to mean high quality hair.  That is not always the case.  Virgin hair is only one criteria of many that are important factors in high quality hair. 

2.  Virgin hair is a popular term that is used to describe all types of hair. A common practice to to call hair Virgin hair because it was Virgin prior to harvest. After harvest it is processed (sometimes excessively) to attain a variety of textures and colors, as well as sometimes to strip the cuticle. Silicone is added to make the hair smooth and silky. So technically it is kinda sorta Virgin hair though only prior to harvest.  It isn't accurate to call it Virgin hair if any chemical process was done to the hair after harvest.

3. All wig makers sanitize the hair. How it is done varies greatly, from large batches of harsh chemical sanitizing to individual gentle cleaning. 

What's the big deal about Virgin hair?  Virgin hair has better longevity in general because it has not been chemically processed.  It is also typically easier to use and wear. 

Our Virgin hair is not chemically processed in any way. We individually hand select our hair and the minimum bar for inclusion is that the hair must be Virgin hair. We also have a variety of other criteria that the hair must have to be included in our Platinum and 22k Gold Wigs. We use a gentle proprietary method to clean and sanitize the hair which is done in small individual batches.  

Interested in why our Virgin unprocessed hair is different than other "Virgin" hair?  Contact us today!  

New! Introducing our new wig lines in more detail

We are happy to announce that we are now offering three different wig lines!  We felt it was important to offer a variety of options to align with our mission of offering a truly personalized wig buying experience.  

We are now offering three lines of wigs: Platinum Elite Luxury Wig Line, 22K Gold Elite Wig Line, and White Gold Select.  Below is more specific information on each line of wigs to help you determine which one might be right for you.  The information is very general so information about your unique needs contact us today for a complimentary phone consultation. 


Our signature wig line is our Platinum Elite Luxury Line of wigs.  These wigs are all comprised with our highest quality individually selected unprocessed Slavic European hair.  Not all hair that we source makes it into this line of wigs, only the best of the best. Hair that doesn't meet our criteria for inclusion in our luxury line may be used in our two other lines of wigs.  We have very specific criteria that can best be described as hair that each individual strand (denier) is fine, soft, silky, thin, and lightweight. Using this hair results in the most comfortable, natural looking wig that moves and flows like your own naturally growing hair.  Given the proper care and regular maintenance,  wigs made with our elite line of hair great longevity and ease of wear. This hair doesn't require a lot of styling products to look good, it looks good naturally!  We offer fully custom, semi-custom, and Jaselle's Jewels stock wigs in this line of wigs.


 These wigs are made from individually chosen Eastern European Select hair that is unprocessed at time of harvest. It is double drawn and the cuticles are intact and aligned. Eastern European select hair is not as fine/thin as our elite Slavic European hair.  After harvest the hair may be gently processed in small individual batches to attain a variety of colors. Slavic European hair that does not meet our criteria for inclusion in our Platinum Elite Line due to texture reasons may also be included in this line.  The slightly thicker individual strand texture of this type of hair has the benefit of being able(generally) to sustain chemical processes with less damaging effects. The hair in this line is also individually selected and any chemical process occurs before the hair is tied onto the wig. 


This is our most budget friendly line of wigs. Looking for a great deal? Love bargains? This line of wigs might be right for you. We have two types of wigs in this line: Discount Darlings and Clearance Cuties.

Discount Darlings and Clearance Cuties are final sales and have no warranty. Discount Darlings and Clearance Cuties have flaws/defects and may come from any of our wig lines. The discount will depend on the issue with the individual wig. 


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How long will my wig last?

How many stars are there in the sky?  There is no one right answer to this question, just like there is no one right answer to "how long will my wig last?". (okay -- we don't think there is one right answer to the star question! we could be wrong ) There are two elements that are significant in determining how long your wig will last: the quality of the wig materials/hair, and how you wear/care for/maintain your wig on a daily basis.  Our superior quality wigs are made with the best quality unprocessed double drawn Slavic European hair and are expertly constructed which are the foundations for a long lasting wig.  

A good analogy as an example is your favorite dress. Imagine three scenarios with the same dress: In the first scenario, you wear the dress 24/7. It is gorgeous after all and you look fabulous in it. So you decide to never take it off. Can you imagine what this gorgeous dress would look like after wearing it for months and months or even years 24/7? Eeek, not pretty!! In the second scenario, you wear the dress regularly but not exclusively. You wear it to work daily but you can't wait to put on your favorite sweats when you get home. You might wear it sometimes on the weekend but have other dresses that you wear too. You treat it well, dry clean it, and notice when it needs a trip to the seamstress.  In the last scenario, you wear the dress a couple of times a month or on special occasions. It's your super fancy dress up dress that you only bring out for a really special event.   Both dresses and wigs will last depending on how you wear them. If you wear your wig everyday for all of your life's activities, or if you don't remove your wig daily,  your wig will have less of a lifespan than a wig that you wear regularly or only occasionally. We have seen some wig wearers get many years from a wig while others only get a few. Your mileage will vary depending on the unique way you wear your wig. 

Here are some tips we recommend to get the longest lifespan possible from your new wig:

Care, Use, and Maintenance:  We strongly recommend that you have an experienced wig stylist assist you with caring for and maintaining your wig. Regular care and maintenance is a important component for the longevity of your wig.  All wigs will require regular care and maintenance and this is particularly true as the wig ages. 

Washing: We recommend washing your wig no more than 1x/month. Yuk, sound gross? Not at all! If your scalp and biological hair are clean then your wig  cap will be clean too. You can keep the wig hair clean by limiting the use of styling products and avoid wearing it for activities where you perspire a lot. We strongly recommend having your wig professionally washed. If you elect to wash it yourself, wash it carefully with high quality sulfate free products. Hard water can leave build up on the wig so washing with filtered/distilled water is a way to avoid this.  Make sure to avoid hand tied areas, don't apply shampoo/conditioner directly to the wig, and rinse thoroughly. Don't brush the hair when wet which can break it. Use a large toothed comb and gently comb from ends to top.  We recommend air drying on a wig stand.  If you elect to wash it yourself please make sure you are doing it properly to avoid irreparably damaging your wig. 

Heat Styling: Use heat tools sparingly and on the lowest setting.  Take care not to place a blow dryer directly on the hair and use the diffuser attachment. High heats will burn the hair and using heat regularly will cause split, damaged ends.  Please be extremely careful when using heat tools on the hair. 

Styling Products: Our wigs are naturally beautiful and need very little styling products. If you do want to use styling products, use them sparingly.  Use high quality alcohol and sulfate free products.  If you use styling products daily they will build up on the wig requiring more frequent washing and they can also cause the knots to loosen and the hair to shed from your wig. 

Swimming and exercise: Do not swim in your wig.  We strongly suggest if you exercise regularly and you perspire a lot that you wear another wig while exercising.  Perspiration will build up in the wig which will require more frequent washing.  Many wig wearers have a separate wig for exercising and swimming. 

Storage and environmental elements: We recommend storing your wig in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can and does cause fading/lightening of the hair in your wig, just like it does for naturally growing hair. We suggest covering your wig when storing it to prevent dust buildup. If you have a job where you work outdoors and are exposed to the elements this will cause more fading and oxidation of the wig. It will also absorb more odors. Anytime you perspire a lot it will require more frequent washing of the wig which reduces longevity as will exposure to outdoor elements. 

Extended wear:  We don't recommend sleeping in your wig or semi-permanent attachments as these significantly reduce the lifespan of your wigs. 

Need more details on how to get the best, longest life out of your new wig? We can help! Contact us for more information.