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How do I get the most natural + realistic looking wig?

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How do you get the most realistic supplemental hair?  Please keep reading below for our take on how to accomplish that goal. 

We are all about giving it to you straight without any sugar coating--though if you want to meet us for coffee and beignets we're up for that kind of sugar coating.  We'll enjoy a sweet treat while having straight talk about supplemental hair. ;-) 

The reality is that wearing supplemental hair comes with pros/cons as well as trade offs. Not so different than life, right?  You choose a path that works for you based on where you are and where you want to be in your life journey. Same goes for wearing hair.

Below is our take on how to get the most natural and realistic hair replacement wig~topper~3/4 wig~hair extensions.  You are uniquely you so these broad generalizations may not directly apply to you. The best way to figure out what is right for you is to set up a time to speak with us. We will be your supplemental hair tour guide and help you choose the right destination for YOU! 

Here it is:

1. If it seems too good to be true it probably is! We all know that old adage, right? You have probably seen on Instagram Ads wig companies selling gorgeous wigs for $20-30. These are typically companies that steal videos and photos from legitimate wig makers, trying to fool you into thinking that you’ll get the wig in their video or photo for a ridiculously low price. The fact is that the shipping costs more (the companies that do this type of false advertising are often located overseas) than what they claim the wig costs. Think about it…do you really believe you can get a high end human hair wig for less than $50!? Absolutely impossible. It is unlikely that you can even get a nice synthetic for that price. Buyer beware…you do get what you pay for!

2. Find out what type of wig looks best on you. This can be really challenging since that means you need to visit a local wig salon or store which aren’t available everywhere. Our advice (if it is at all possible) is an in person visit to a local wig salon or stylist. A wig salon or stylist can not only show you a variety of wigs to determine what looks best on you, they can also let you try them on. You can get a good idea color, style, length, density, type of hair and type of wig that you like best. For example, you might find that a partial wig looks and works best in your situation or that you prefer synthetics to human hair. If you can’t find a wig salon in your area you might be able to locate a local stylist who can help you. Often times a wig(or other supplemental hair product) doesn’t look natural simply due to it not being the right product for your unique situation. Finding out what looks best on you is crucial. Are you in our area or want to meet us? We can help you select the wig or other supplemental hair product that is right for you. Let us help you get new hair that is natural, undetectable and realistic.

3. Start with high quality materials.  That means not only the hair but the base materials. Quality matters tremendously when the goal is the most natural and realistic supplemental hair product. You can’t expect to use inferior quality materials and expect your new supplemental hair product to look/perform well. It might look good initially but after a few washes it will be a dry tangled rats nest. Not the look most of you are going for, am I right?

4. Have your product custom made to your exact specifications by a wig maker, not a factory worker.  The difference is tremendous. One is an art + a skill, the other just a skill.  A wig maker is able to visualize the overall aesthetic to create an individual work of art.  That is not a skill that can be taught, is is an intuitive understanding. It is kind of like seeing an original work of art by Monet (which we saw at our favorite museum, Musee d'Orsay.  Monet is our all time favorite artist and we never imagined we'd be so privileged to see his original art in person! We were brought to tears by seeing his original works of art.  We also nearly got arrested because we had a hard time not reaching out to touch the pieces! Just kidding but we were sooo tempted to touch!) and seeing a paint by numbers copy someone did.  They are the same but not, right? 

5. Individually select the hair from premium and the best quality hair available, Slavic European hair.  You can't skimp on the quality of the hair and expect a good result.  Again quality matters tremendously. Quality is also a very significant factor for longevity.

6.  Select low density. We put this portion in bold because we cannot stress strongly enough how significant density is in relation to realism. If the supplemental product has too much density it will look wiggy and unnatural. 

7. Select an all hand tied product.  All hand tied products are thinner and less bulky which results in a more natural looking finished product. They are also much cooler and more comfortable.

8. Once your supplemental product is completed, work with a local stylist in your area to customize + personalize it for you. ALL products need to be cut, tweaked, and personalized to make them your own and to make them look the most natural. They need to be customized to your unique look and style. No supplemental hair, no matter how spectacular, looks perfect without customization. (please remember that "perfect" is highly subjective!) 

What are the trade offs?  Well it all depends on what you consider a trade off and what your deal breakers are.  Here are some trade offs from our perspective that you must be willing to make:

1.  Longevity.  When you select low density, hand tied, and thin base materials it can impact longevity.  These products will not be as durable as heavier styles and will require appropriate daily care and maintenance.  

2.  Maintenance.  Your new supplemental hair product will require (read NOT OPTIONAL!) appropriate daily care as well as regular maintenance. These are not wash and go rough and tumble products. You should make sure you are well versed in how to properly care for them and prepared to do this on a daily basis. You MUST care for your product properly to get best and longest result and to avoid irreparably damaging it.  You also need the assistance of an expert supplemental hair stylist in your area to help you with the maintenance of your new supplemental hair product. 

3. Price:   Quality comes at a cost. As with the Monet analogy,  just like you won't get an original Monet for a bargain basement price (extreme example--don't worry our wigs aren't as expensive as an original work of art by a master!) you also won't get a custom made wig for a bargain price. We now offer a variety of wigs at a variety of price points that meet most budgets.

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We are also now offering Budget Friendly stock wigs Made with Eastern European Select hair

Our custom couture wigs are comprised of the top, best quality materials and are individually hand made in Europe by highly skilled artisan wig makers. Only the best of the best hair goes into these wigs and not all hair we harvest will make it into these exceptional wigs. These criteria = higher price. Our custom wigs are an investment but they are well worth it.  We offer a warranty on our custom couture wigs, how amazing is that?!

5. NEW!! We are now offering gorgeous budget friendly stock wigs compromised of Eastern European Select Hair. We offer a wide array of stock wigs in a variety of colors, lengths, prices and styles. These fabulous wigs are a great bargain for very beautiful wigs.

Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional quality product that will last you for years to come no matter what your budget. A supplemental hair product that is undetectable and indistinguishable from your own naturally growing hair. Will you need to make some compromises depending on your budget? Yes. Does that mean you can’t get an amazing wig that you love and works well for you? No!

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Compromises, expectations, trade offs, adjustments, Oh My!!

 Wearing supplemental hair is not an easy nor a straightforward process.  It is a winding journey that can lead you to places you never expected--or wanted to end up. It can be filled with trial and error which = $$$$ spent and even worse--lost.  As if it weren't enough to deal with hair loss it can seem like adding insult to injury when trying to find a reasonable solution to replacing your hair. If it isn't one thing it is another, right?

  We are here for you!  We are going to give you the unvarnished, unfiltered truth so you can make a well informed purchase.  We have tips to help you avoid costly mistakes and help you choose the right product for YOU. 

As always (we may have to put this in a disclaimer at the top of each blog entry!) these are broad generalizations that may or may not apply to your unique situation. The best way to determine what the best options are for you is to contact us for a complimentary evaluation of your unique situation. We also offer in salon consultations with our expert supplemental hair stylist.  Our focus is on custom made individually produced supplemental hair products.  That is our focus for one reason--you are uniquely individual.  Your ideal supplemental hair product might be another persons total nightmare(okay not a nightmare but you get the idea! )  We offer guidance, support, and referrals to get you the right product for you. Referrals?  Yes!  If we can't get you what you need or if we believe we are not the right fit for your unique situation, we have a number of other wig makers we will refer you to. We want to make sure you get the right product for you, even if it isn't ours. :-)

So here's the straight talk non sugar coated 411 on supplemental hair(you might want to eat a cookie while reading it! ) :

1.  Perfection:

  As much as we wish we could promise you perfection, the reality is that it doesn't exist. Does that mean we are suggesting that you have to resign yourself to accept a wig that isn't right for you?  Absolutely not! What we are asking you to consider is that perfection is highly subjective.  What is perfection to you may not be to someone else.  As with everything in life getting what you want will quite often require a series of compromises, trade offs, adjustments, and realistic expectations.  Supplemental hair products are no different. Take it from us--we have chased that unicorn "perfection" for years! We are so grateful to our stylist who gives us regular reality checks. We say" We need to tweak this, change that, correct something else" She says "What are you talking about the wig is gorgeous and it perfect just the way it is!" 

2.  Clearly identify what you want: 

Sounds easy, right?  It often is difficult to articulate exactly what it is that you are looking for. That's where we come in!  We can set up a time to talk on the phone and we also offer in salon consultations with our expert hair replacement stylist.  We can help you identify what your options are based on your budget, lifestyle, longevity, and ease of use expectations.  Once you identify what you want are we can help you design the custom supplemental hair product that is best suited for you. 

3. Be willing to make trade offs, compromises, and adjustments:

  What those entail are uniquely individual to you.  As an example, another primary focus of ours is lightweight, very natural, realistic, and undetectable wigs. To accomplish that requires very light density, superior quality delicate base materials, be all hand tied, and compromised of exceptional quality individually selected hair. The trade offs/compromises/adjustments you must be willing to make if you want this type of wig is to realize it comes at a cost, both literally and figuratively. It is significantly more expensive.  This type of wig is more delicate and requires appropriate daily care as well regular skilled maintenance from an expert wig stylist. Due to it's delicate nature,  it will most likely not have the longevity of other styles of wigs. This is not wig you can neglect or be rough with, nor is it a good workhorse wig for all of your life's activities.  Only you can decide if you want to make the compromises necessary to select this type of wig.  If you don't feel like you can make those compromises/trade offs/adjustments listed in the example then it is not going to be the right wig for you.  When making your selection of the right supplemental hair for your unique situation you need to consider all the variables before making a final decision. 

4.  Expectations: 

The old adage "You get what you pay for" is particularly true when it comes to supplemental hair products.  Quality comes at a cost. You can't get a luxury high end custom wig for a cheap price.  Are we suggesting that the only way to get a wig that is right for you is to buy an expensive wig?  No!  The fabulous thing about wigs is that there is something for everyone--from Cosplay to super premium and everything in between.  The problem comes in when you expect a bargain wig to be the same quality as a custom made high end luxury wig. There is nothing wrong with a bargain priced wig (or anything else for that matter, who doesn't love a bargain?)  but expecting it to be the same quality as a a luxury wig is not realistic.  Dear reader, please be aware that having realistic expectations is a significant factor in being happy with the supplemental hair you choose. There are pros/cons to any wig or supplemental hair you decide to purchase.  Knowing what those are will help you make the right choice.  It also means that expecting one wig to meet every single solitary criteria is not realistic--which is why many wig wearers have a wig wardrobe rather than one single wig. 

Want to know more?  Need support, guidance, or have questions?  Contact us today! 

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Attachment dilemma--Semi-permanent or daily removal, what's the best for me?


Daily removal or semi-permanent attachment, what is the right method for you? You are unique so that is not an easy question to answer.  Like all things related to wearing supplemental hair (or in life, right?) there is no one answer that fits for everyone. Just as in life,  EVERYTHING requires trade offs.  One persons trade off is another persons deal breaker. It is up to you, dear reader,  to determine the benefits/drawbacks of each option and select the one that is they best fit for you.  

 The following information might be useful in helping you choose the option that is right for you:

Semi-Permanent attachment:

Benefits: You wake up and go to sleep with hair. Your supplemental hair functions as your own hair and you live in it daily. The only time you have to deal with removal is during maintenance, typically once a month.  You don't have to worry with your hair or hair loss daily and you have a full head of hair 24/7.

Drawbacks:  In our opinion there are many more drawbacks than benefits with semi-permanent attachments.  The most significant drawback is the decreased longevity that comes from wearing your supplemental hair 24/7.  You will need to replace your supplemental hair frequently. Maintenance can be a pain and difficult to manage alone. Your own hair loss can be exacerbated by having supplemental hair attached 24/7.  Semi-permanent attachments can be uncomfortable and itchy. 

Daily removal: 

Benefits:  You have many options to attach your hair yourself on a daily basis. You can use clips, a Wig Grip, a water based adhesive or a combination of these.  It is more comfortable to sleep without supplemental hair. You will get great longevity (provided you care for your supplemental hair properly) and will need less frequent replacement. You can wear a variety of wigs, daily if you want to!  

Drawbacks: You will have to deal with your hair and your hair loss on a daily basis. This can be challenging and painful for some.  It can be awkward if you travel or have overnight guests and are not out about wearing supplemental hair.  

We'd love to hear your thoughts about what type of attachment you prefer and why.  Tell us! 


5 Tips for coping with hair loss

Hair loss packs an emotional punch and coping with the myriad of feelings that you may experience as a result can be very challenging.  Well meaning friends and family might say "It's only hair" "Thank goodness it's not something worse" or "What's important is what's on the inside".  While those sentiments are well meaning they are not particularly helpful. The most important thing to remember is that it is your experience and there is no right or wrong way to feel.  

Here are some tips to help you cope: 

1.  Get a medical evaluation: If you notice any type of hair loss, make an appointment to see a dermatologist. A dermatologist can (generally) make a diagnosis on the type of hair loss you are experiencing and what your treatment options are, if any. A frustrating aspect of hair loss is that there may not be an explanation for your hair loss or treatment options that work for you.  

2. Get Support! It is important to have support with any challenging issue you face in life, including hair loss.  There are some great online resources like Alopecia World that provide support, resources, and information.  It is very helpful to have a supportive community that understands your struggles. 

3.  Feel your feelings:  Whatever your feelings are about your hair loss please know there are no right or wrong feelings.  Whatever you are feeling, it is totally normal. Losing hair can be traumatic and you may experience feelings of grief over the loss. You are unique as are your feelings about hair loss. Feel them, express them, share them.  Talk with supportive friends, family members, or interact with an online hair loss community.  

4.  Arm yourself with information:  Educate yourself about all things hair loss. It is important to keep in mind that the source of the information is important and that all information is not accurate. There is a ton of information online about hair loss some of which is legitimate and other information that is totally bogus.  Beware of snake oil salesmen promising you that their "miracle' product will "cure" your hair loss.  If something seems too good to be true it likely is.  

5. Get professional help:  Don't suffer in silence.  If you have tried a variety of coping skills and find you are still struggling to cope with your hair loss, please seek help from a licensed mental health professional.  Psychology Today has a large database of licensed mental health professionals in the US and Canada.  If you are outside the US or Canada, your primary care physician or health insurance provider can assist you with finding a licensed mental health provider in your area. 

While dealing with hair loss can be challenging, it does get easier with time.  You can find a way not only to cope with your hair loss but to learn how to accept it. It doesn't have to rule or ruin your life.  There are so many options available to manage hair loss, you'll find the one that is right for you.  It does get better! :-) 




Why choose us?

We know that there are infinite options to choose from when looking for supplemental hair, especially online. It can be overwhelming,  confusing, and difficult to determine the best option for you.  Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

1.  Quality: Our focus is on quality, from the hair we individually select to our highly skilled, expert wig makers. We use only the best cap materials that provide comfort, longevity, and realism. We know wearing hair is an investment and our high quality products offer a great return on your investment. 

2. Custom:  We specialize in fully custom designed wigs. We get you the wig or other supplemental hair product you want, just the way you want it.

3. Warranty: We offer a 90 day warranty on all of of our custom made wigs. 

4.  Integrity:  We believe in making sure you are always well informed so you can make the purchase that is right for you. We commit to you that we will always honestly provide you with the benefits/drawbacks of your desired wig.  We are interested in cultivating long term happy buyers, not one time quick sales.

5.  Customer Service: We provide you with excellent customer service both before AND after your purchase.  We are here for you when you need us! :-)

6.  Support:  We have a secret Facebook Group that provides ongoing support, collaboration, and information. It a support group to help you deal with hair loss and wearing supplemental hair. As an extra bonus there are always special offers and discounts to our FB group members! 

7.  Special Pricing:  We know that wearing hair is expensive!  We also know that money doesn't grow on trees (we sure wish it did because we'd plant an orchard of them in our backyard!) and respect your hard earned dollars.  We offer discounts for our email list and our Secret Facebook Group as well as intermittent promotional discounts.  Make sure to join/follow so you don't miss out!

8.  Giving back:  We love animals!  We give a portion of all sales to our two favorite charities: The Humane Society of the United States and The Physician's Committee For Responsible Medicine.   

Want to know more?  Contact us today! 

Quality counts!

When we started our hair journey it was in the dark ages,  before the explosion of hair sellers online. Believe it or not when we first started selling extensions there wasn't a single seller offering extensions on eBay and Amazon wasn't the retail juggernaut that it is today.  There was no option to buy directly from factories but instead the only option was to purchase from a retail location. You were at their mercy which often meant high prices and low quality.  Thankfully that has changed dramatically!

  There are so many options available now which is both a good thing and a bad thing.  It is great that the floodgates have opened with infinite hair options pouring out. One of the bad things is that due to high demand, quality has suffered.  In the past we were able to source beautiful hair that had amazing longevity.  It was gorgeous, silky, soft, beautiful hair.  At the time good quality hair was much easier to source. There was a ton of supply but not a ton of demand.  Once that equation changed it became harder to get quality without spending a lot more money. 

Any way you slice it, quality matters. That  is particularly true when it comes to supplemental hair products.  We offer three high quality wig lines with differing price points that meet a variety of aesthetic and budget goals. 

Our focus is always on getting the absolute best quality every time, from the hair to the cap materials. We work with the best, highly skilled wig makers who are experts at their craft.  We don't mass produce any of our wigs nor do we sacrifice quality for price. Our goal isn't to be the lowest priced wig seller but rather to be the trusted go to for high quality products

Interested in knowing more?  Contact us today! 

Ode to curly hair

Dear Curly hair, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways......

We love curly hair!  Curly, wavy, thick, fine, tight curls, loose curls--we love you all!  Curly hair is glorious!  Next time you are out and about pay attention to all the variety of natural curls that you see. No two are alike, right?  If you have curly haired friends, ask them how they care for their lovely curls.  They likely have a routine they follow to keep their curls looking their best and some might even have a stylist they work with that is a specialist in curly hair.  Our stylist has naturally curly hair and she has been an amazing guide for us, teaching us all the ins and outs of curly hair.

If we love curly hair so much, why don't we offer more curly hair wigs/toppers/3/4 wigs?  Well we have a bit of a love hate relationship with curly hair when it comes to using it in supplemental hair products.

Why love hate when it comes to wigs? What makes curly hair so uniquely beautiful when it is growing out of someones head is exactly what makes it complicated when harvesting curly hair for supplemental hair products. It takes several ponytail bundles of hair to produce a finished supplemental hair product. Each ponytail bundle of curly/wavy hair has to be VERY similar to get the best result.  Different patterns/textures/tightness of curls/waves can catch on each other creating lots of fluff, volume and sometimes the most dreaded result of all--frizz.  

Does this mean that you shouldn't select a wavy/curly hair wig or other supplemental hair product?  Not at all. Just keep the following in mind:

1.  Curly/wavy hair takes special care and there is a learning curve to successfully managing it. 

2. There is no exact match of curl/wavy/texture in unprocessed hair.  We can get you in the general vicinity of your desired hair but due to how unique curly/wavy hair is we can't get an exact match.

3.  It can take time to source your curly/wavy hair depending on what specifically you are looking for. 

4.  Curly/wavy hair generally looks best in low/very low density.  Heavier densities can be very full and voluminous.

Want more info on curly/wavy hair?  Contact us today! 


What's the real deal 411 on Virgin Hair?

We often get asked what Virgin hair is.  Here are the three criteria that all hair of any type must have to be genuine Virgin Hair:

1.  The hair prior to harvest has never been chemically processed in any way whatsoever.

2.  After harvest the hair is cleaned and sanitized.

3.  After the hair is cleaned and sanitized it is made into a supplemental hair product and no chemical processes are done to the hair whatsoever.

That's it.  Simple right?  It seems that way but it can be difficult to know if you are actually getting genuine Virgin hair.  Here are more details:

1. Virgin hair is a term that is often used synonymously to mean high quality hair.  That is not always the case.  Virgin hair is only one criteria of many that are important factors in high quality hair. 

2.  Virgin hair is a popular term that is used to describe all types of hair. A common practice to to call hair Virgin hair because it was Virgin prior to harvest. After harvest it is processed (sometimes excessively) to attain a variety of textures and colors, as well as sometimes to strip the cuticle. Silicone is added to make the hair smooth and silky. So technically it is kinda sorta Virgin hair though only prior to harvest.  It isn't accurate to call it Virgin hair if any chemical process was done to the hair after harvest.

3. All wig makers sanitize the hair. How it is done varies greatly, from large batches of harsh chemical sanitizing to individual gentle cleaning. 

What's the big deal about Virgin hair?  Virgin hair has better longevity in general because it has not been chemically processed.  It is also typically easier to use and wear. 

Our Virgin hair is not chemically processed in any way. We individually hand select our hair and the minimum bar for inclusion is that the hair must be Virgin hair. We also have a variety of other criteria that the hair must have to be included in our Platinum and 22k Gold Wigs. We use a gentle proprietary method to clean and sanitize the hair which is done in small individual batches.  

Interested in why our Virgin unprocessed hair is different than other "Virgin" hair?  Contact us today!  

Hair color~~a wig wearers best frenemy!

Dear hair color, how we love to hate you. You are our very best frenemy.  Oh the disappointment of receiving an eagerly anticipated new wig only to find it is the totally wrong color.  Why is it so impossible to get the color that you want?  Check out our FAQ for the basics on the challenges of hair color in supplemental hair.  Below are some more details:

Is it possible to get an exact color match in Virgin Unprocessed hair? Would you like the good news or bad news first?  The good news is yes you can get an exact color match. The bad news is that it isn't as easy as it may seem and you have to be willing to make some trade offs to get that ever elusive color match. 

Here are the only ways to get an exact color match in Virgin Unprocessed Slavic European Hair:

1. Buy your supplemental hair in person.  This is truly the only way to make 100% certain the color is a match or is the specific color you want.  You can try it on as well as view it under both indoor and outdoor lighting. There is no substitute for in person viewing. The bad news is that the number of supplemental hair options that are available in most areas is limited at best. When you eliminate online stores you reduce your options exponentially. 

2.  Color your hair to match your new supplemental hair product.  A seamless match between your supplemental hair and your naturally growing hair is crucial when your naturally growing hair is incorporated with your supplemental hair. This is particularly true if you are wearing a small size piece like a topper.  If the colors don't match there can be a clear line of demarcation between your own natural hair and your topper. 

3.  Send us a sample of your own hair that we can color process our virgin unprocessed hair to match.  We might get lucky (fingers crossed!) to find Virgin Unprocessed hair that matches your hair sample but it is pretty unlikely.  

4.  Color the supplemental hair product to match your naturally growing hair or to your desired color. We listed this last as we suggest this option as a last result.  While it can be done, it can also reduce the longevity of your supplemental hair and if done improperly can irreparably damage both the hair and base materials. 

So even though hair color can be a mean frenemy that doesn't mean you can't get the color you want and need. You can, provided you are willing to make the trade offs necessary to get it.  

Want more information on our Virgin Unprocessed hair?  Want to send us a sample of your hair to color match?  Contact us today for more details.