Compromises adjustments trade offs pros and cons

Compromises, expectations, trade offs, adjustments, Oh My!!

 Wearing supplemental hair is not an easy nor a straightforward process.  It is a winding journey that can lead you to places you never expected--or wanted to end up. It can be filled with trial and error which = $$$$ spent and even worse--lost.  As if it weren't enough to deal with hair loss it can seem like adding insult to injury when trying to find a reasonable solution to replacing your hair. If it isn't one thing it is another, right?

  We are here for you!  We are going to give you the unvarnished, unfiltered truth so you can make a well informed purchase.  We have tips to help you avoid costly mistakes and help you choose the right product for YOU. 

As always (we may have to put this in a disclaimer at the top of each blog entry!) these are broad generalizations that may or may not apply to your unique situation. The best way to determine what the best options are for you is to contact us for a complimentary evaluation of your unique situation. We also offer in salon consultations with our expert supplemental hair stylist.  Our focus is on custom made individually produced supplemental hair products.  That is our focus for one reason--you are uniquely individual.  Your ideal supplemental hair product might be another persons total nightmare(okay not a nightmare but you get the idea! )  We offer guidance, support, and referrals to get you the right product for you. Referrals?  Yes!  If we can't get you what you need or if we believe we are not the right fit for your unique situation, we have a number of other wig makers we will refer you to. We want to make sure you get the right product for you, even if it isn't ours. :-)

So here's the straight talk non sugar coated 411 on supplemental hair(you might want to eat a cookie while reading it! ) :

1.  Perfection:

  As much as we wish we could promise you perfection, the reality is that it doesn't exist. Does that mean we are suggesting that you have to resign yourself to accept a wig that isn't right for you?  Absolutely not! What we are asking you to consider is that perfection is highly subjective.  What is perfection to you may not be to someone else.  As with everything in life getting what you want will quite often require a series of compromises, trade offs, adjustments, and realistic expectations.  Supplemental hair products are no different. Take it from us--we have chased that unicorn "perfection" for years! We are so grateful to our stylist who gives us regular reality checks. We say" We need to tweak this, change that, correct something else" She says "What are you talking about the wig is gorgeous and it perfect just the way it is!" 

2.  Clearly identify what you want: 

Sounds easy, right?  It often is difficult to articulate exactly what it is that you are looking for. That's where we come in!  We can set up a time to talk on the phone and we also offer in salon consultations with our expert hair replacement stylist.  We can help you identify what your options are based on your budget, lifestyle, longevity, and ease of use expectations.  Once you identify what you want are we can help you design the custom supplemental hair product that is best suited for you. 

3. Be willing to make trade offs, compromises, and adjustments:

  What those entail are uniquely individual to you.  As an example, another primary focus of ours is lightweight, very natural, realistic, and undetectable wigs. To accomplish that requires very light density, superior quality delicate base materials, be all hand tied, and compromised of exceptional quality individually selected hair. The trade offs/compromises/adjustments you must be willing to make if you want this type of wig is to realize it comes at a cost, both literally and figuratively. It is significantly more expensive.  This type of wig is more delicate and requires appropriate daily care as well regular skilled maintenance from an expert wig stylist. Due to it's delicate nature,  it will most likely not have the longevity of other styles of wigs. This is not wig you can neglect or be rough with, nor is it a good workhorse wig for all of your life's activities.  Only you can decide if you want to make the compromises necessary to select this type of wig.  If you don't feel like you can make those compromises/trade offs/adjustments listed in the example then it is not going to be the right wig for you.  When making your selection of the right supplemental hair for your unique situation you need to consider all the variables before making a final decision. 

4.  Expectations: 

The old adage "You get what you pay for" is particularly true when it comes to supplemental hair products.  Quality comes at a cost. You can't get a luxury high end custom wig for a cheap price.  Are we suggesting that the only way to get a wig that is right for you is to buy an expensive wig?  No!  The fabulous thing about wigs is that there is something for everyone--from Cosplay to super premium and everything in between.  The problem comes in when you expect a bargain wig to be the same quality as a custom made high end luxury wig. There is nothing wrong with a bargain priced wig (or anything else for that matter, who doesn't love a bargain?)  but expecting it to be the same quality as a a luxury wig is not realistic.  Dear reader, please be aware that having realistic expectations is a significant factor in being happy with the supplemental hair you choose. There are pros/cons to any wig or supplemental hair you decide to purchase.  Knowing what those are will help you make the right choice.  It also means that expecting one wig to meet every single solitary criteria is not realistic--which is why many wig wearers have a wig wardrobe rather than one single wig. 

Want to know more?  Need support, guidance, or have questions?  Contact us today! 

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